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Aperture card scanning station
Aperture card scanning station with C-400 software from The Crowley Company

Scanning aperture cards at The Document Group

At The Document Group, we take great pride in our work. Especially when it comes to media formats that are out of the usual. Aperture cards, microfilm, microfiche, film negative, film slides, and transparencies are some of the formats that we have the ability to scan. As a scanning provider in Houston, TX for over 10 years, we have the correct specialized equipment to scan your media correctly, the first time.

Aperture Cards are extremely common in the oil & gas, architecture, and engineering industries. This does not mean they can be found anywhere. It simply means that most often the images saved to, and scanned from, the aperture card is an oversize drawing that has been reduced in size. This is not always the case one hundred percent of the time. We have seen letter size reports, 11×17 documents, or even stamp sized images saved size-for-size saved to an aperture card.

Our Process

The Document Group has spent much time, and many resources, testing out equipment from every scanning vendor available. We decided to utilize The Crowley Company equipment to handle our aperture card scanning. We found them to have the best hardware with many years of support under their belt. With aperture cards scanning comes the software. We have multiple software vendors that we use depending on the media, the equipment being used, and the operator’s preference. Experience rules. The best software is only as good as the operators running the equipment.

Our Promise

Any time that we receive aperture cards at TDG, you can be assured that they will remain in the exact condition you sent them to us, and in the original order. We are sensitive to the fact that these cards are not ours to do with as we see fit. Our only goal when scanning aperture cards for our clients is to deliver the most accurate scan image possible while returning your cards exactly as you give them to us. This is a very specialized service. Normal deadlines do not always apply, but we will do out utmost best to accommodate all of our clients at every opportunity. Service is our Style!