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Aperture Card Scanning Houston – #1 Do’s and Don’ts

What is an Aperture Card? And Why Scanning? An aperture card is used to store images that have been reduced in size from the original.  There are many different types of cards in use today.  Yes, they are still in use today. Not everyone has seen or knows what one of these cards looks like.  […]

Microfilm/Microfiche and the scanning process

Microfilm/microfiche…is it still relevant? Microfilm has been around for a number of years.  You can still find it in libraries around the country.  It was an admirable idea when it was first created.  But the times, they are a’changing.  New developments in technology allow for massive amounts of data to be stored in tiny receptacles […]

Metadata – What is it and why should you care

Metadata is the information you cannot see. The hidden information that most people did not even know exists. This information can send you to jail, or keep you out of jail. This information is part of every single electronic file created on a computer. Every single file has metadata. Metadata is captured at the time […]

Scanning and Imaging

Disaster Recovery – Reviewing Your Scanning Plan

Disaster Recovery – The unfortunate flooding in Texas and the neighboring State of Louisiana serves as a wake-up call to businesses to make sure that their documents are properly backed up and stored in case of disaster. Floodwaters do not respect people or businesses; file cabinets and storage boxes full of documents can be rendered […]

Need Litigation Services? Find The Right Printing Company In Houston

Need Litigation Services? Find The Right Printing Company In Houston

As a law firm, your company has requirements beyond the usual customer’s desire for quick and efficient printing service. You have a particular need for a high degree of accuracy and convenience, along with innovative ways to deliver service anytime you need it. You may even need litigation support, which means you require a variety […]

Document Management Can Make Your Office Go Paperless

Going Paperless Possible With Document Management Is going paperless is a practical concept your office? The concept sounds appealing as it is synonymous with less clutter, lest storage space, and less money spent in dealing with documents. For most companies, achieving paperless document management has drawbacks that limit how paperless the office can actually be, […]

Personalize Your Marketing With Digital Variable Data Printing

Customize Your Marketing With Variable Data Printing In the not too distant past, preparing brochures and other marketing collateral was both expensive and time-consuming. The main way to bring down the cost was by printing large quantities, which meant the only cost-effective way to personalize material for different segments of the market was to include […]

Medical Scanning

Fast, Accurate, HIPAA-Compliant Health Records Scanning From The Document Group

Today’s new federal healthcare laws have created some challenges for the medical industry in Houston, TX and throughout the country. Specifically, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) dictates that there must be an electronic medical record, or EMR, in place for every United States resident by 2014. Any medical entities that […]

Get Noticed In A Really Big Way With Large Print Materials From The Document Group

It’s true what they say: things really are bigger in Texas. So how do you get your product, service or brand noticed in a place where largeness rules? The answer: Be just as big or bigger with the help of The Document Group’s one-stop print shop in Houston, TX. From our perspective, bigger really is […]