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Document Scanning For Security, Efficiency, And Accuracy

Interested in having a paperless office? When you look at your bulging file cabinets of historical documents and note how many documents are destined for current files after arriving in the mail or via fax, you realize you have a long way to go. There are many issues involved with keeping your documents in paper […]

Green Up Your Business With Scanning Services

"Being Green" is a familiar buzzword in modern business, but transforming your business into one that is committed to sustainability, low resource consumption, and waste reduction is more than just a notion. Recycling office paper, ink and toner cartridges, and soda cans is a good start, but to get to the root of the problem, […]

How Litigation Copying Helps The Litigation Process

Litigation, especially large-scale litigation cases, requires a lot of preparation beforehand. Tasks like eDiscovery, serving notices, and other case preparation tasks will take up a lot of your time. However, nothing can be as overwhelming in a litigation case as paperwork. Even with the advent of e-filing, modern litigation cases still require a staggering amount […]

Maximize In-House Creative Resources By Using A Printing Center

Over the last two decades, the world of graphic design has been turned upside down with the advent of desktop publishing and digital printing. In the "old days," the Marketing Department would confer with artists, who would then create a design concept with layout, copy, and graphics. The artist would send the art to a […]

Document Scanning: What Happens After The Initial Big Scan?

Once your company has bought into the many advantages of document scanning, how do you keep the momentum going? You realize that keeping documents in paper takes up costly space, while confining the usability of documents to a single physical local. Scanned documents are available to anyone in your organization authorized to access them. After […]

How E-Discovery Services Can Help A Solo Practitioner or Small Firm

In a digital age, more evidence pertinent to cases is digital, so even small law firms may find themselves in need of information that is electronically stored. Going far beyond documents, electronically stored information or ESI may also include emails, presentations, databases, voicemail, audio and video files, social media, and web sites. When the "discovery" […]

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Proves Need For Document Scanning

Shortly before the Boston Marathon, a fertilizer company explosion rocked West, Texas. Though the tragic marathon event overshadowed the Texas explosion in the media, the impact of the explosion was even more devastating. Seventeen people died, including 11 first responders, while over 160 sustained injuries. More than 150 homes, schools, a nursing home, and other […]

How To Determine Whether To Outsource eDiscovery Or Keep It In-House

When conducting eDiscovery for a case, you can easily become inundated with material, especially as more companies transition to a paperless business model. The process of sifting through electronic evidence, such as corporate emails, databases, digital files, web history, and other digital assets to find relevant information can be arduous. Weighing your options – and […]

Preparing Packets Is A Snap When You Use A Copy Service

Since people learn better when they experience information via multiple senses at once, handouts are an important learning aid to any type of presentation. They may consist of a transcript of the material you offer, charts, maps, supplementary articles, worksheets or even a workbook. In contrast to using printed books or manuals, putting together a […]

The New Age of Electronic Discovery

Court cases are won and lost based on evidence, but the nature of evidence has changed in the electronic age. No longer confined to paper documents, evidence now includes a broad spectrum of electronic materials, such as emails, voicemail, instant message chats, website visits, scanned documents, word-processed documents and spreadsheets, databases, audio, videos, photos, and […]