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Metadata – What is it and why should you care

Metadata is the information you cannot see. The hidden information that most people did not even know exists. This information can send you to jail, or keep you out of jail. This information is part of every single electronic file created on a computer. Every single file has metadata. Metadata is captured at the time […]

The Document Group And Disco: A Winning Partnership For eDiscovery

In the legal field, finding evidence is the name of the game. Between the paper documents, photos, and any electronic materials that offer valuable insights into the case, a team of lawyers could fill a warehouse when preparing a major case. To minimize the large volume of paper that goes along with preparing for trial […]

The New Age of Electronic Discovery

Court cases are won and lost based on evidence, but the nature of evidence has changed in the electronic age. No longer confined to paper documents, evidence now includes a broad spectrum of electronic materials, such as emails, voicemail, instant message chats, website visits, scanned documents, word-processed documents and spreadsheets, databases, audio, videos, photos, and […]